Your Administration Roles

Get an idea of your employee’s ecosystem, data metrics, sales insights, organization account, and automated business process with Zoho CRM Admin Panel.

Monitor the common settings of the organization and domain-related features of the dashboard. With the help of our Zoho support software, make email nicknames for users, root the upcoming emails to a separate account, and operate the office from inside and out.

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Dashboard Overviews

Monitor the user sign-in dashboard and business application function

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Increased Employment

Join the new users and employees to test their excellence and handover work.

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Sync UI

Sync the business set-up and information of users from Active Directory (AD) to Zoho One

Team Accessibility

Monitoring data across multiple devices is another way to improve its accessibility. Keep track of where your documents are going as the Zoho admin.

Data Security

Figure out who shares your files with and which users share your files internally and externally.

Recover Team Settings

Get team folders and their settings in one place. Add users and edit settings with Admin.

Send Files

Transfer files ownership to another team to remove suspended employee access to the team.


What is Admin in Zoho?

Admin is a support provided to a user through Zoho contacts. Using Administrators is a process for managing users in the business that is optimized.

How to contact Zoho supporters?

If you want to ensure the security of your data or email by connecting with our Zoho desk support team, call us immediately at 91(701)116-2399.

Who operates the admin panel?

To help clients and staff in the workplace, office Administrators often collaborate with Zoho creator support managers to guarantee smooth, relevant, and commercial office operations.