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Grow with our powerful applications to manage your workflow, meet specific needs, convert leads into sales, and determine efficiency and success.

Zoho customization experts at Business Raisers can read your business vision and develop solutions to improve it. Everything includes customising reports to fields and formats and integrating Zoho with other applications. We deliver streamlined solutions to HR, banking, education, sales, and other industries.

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Custom Layouts

Designed advanced layouts for each new business activity and developed workflow standards for desired actions.

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Zoho Canvas

Apply Zoho Canvas to guide goals and customise and personalise the look and feel of Zoho CRM customization.

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Views & Filters

Use views to checklists more than once. Filter is an opportunity to create and make changes to get the desired data.

Extraordinary Customization

Technical visualisation is necessary to bring some CRM features together. With Our Zoho customization services, you can develop customised CRM software with valuable experts and capabilities.

Worldwide Coverage

Access global coverage from your home screen by combining data in the Zoho app

Smooth Dashboard

Start the business day by checking log-in trends, user account activity, and overall app usage.

Security Approaches

Strengthen the security of your business by setting appropriate Zoho app security standards.


Can Zoho Books be customised?

You can customise Zoho CRM with the fields you need to store a wider variety of data if your business demands you to gather and store data that doesn’t fit into the basic modules and field.

How does Zoho customization modernise the business way?

To digitalize the business, Zoho One customization integrates your business activities, such as sales team tracking, asset management, and views, to provide a seamless experience.

How do I customise my Zoho?

To customise, meet our free Zoho consulting services team. During the discussion, you can describe your customization needs, and we'll understand your business's current position and needs and provide suggestions accordingly.

How to customise modules in Zoho CRM?

To customise modules, we follow these steps:

  • Accessing module settings
  • Defining processes as per business needs
  • And personalise the module
How to streamline lead management with Zoho CRM?

By providing tools for lead assignment, using lead scoring to prioritize high-value prospects, and supplying analytics to track lead interactions across the sales funnel, Zoho CRM streamlines lead management.