Freelance Website Developer

Freelance Website Developer

In the digital landscape, every online business aims to spot its website on the first page of the search engine. There are many digital marketing techniques through which you can rank your website organically on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). But first, you will need an interactive website that addresses both your potential customers and Google and other search engines. Well, you can shape your imagination into reality by hiring a professional freelance website developer or a website designing company that can deliver you a dynamic design with a user-friendly interface. 

Here is how you can identify and hire an experienced freelance web designer who has all the knowledge of back-end and front-end coding with optimum UI and UX design.

How To Hire the Best Freelance Website Developer in Gurgaon?

1] Identify Your Specific Business Need

The first step in hiring the best website developer in Gurgaon is to identify your business needs. Check out which type of business you run and who your targeted audience is to decide your project size and goal. Gathering such information will help you to perfectly keep your requirements in front of the web developer. Also, you will be clear at the beginning when choosing the type of website that is best suited for you, such as dynamic, static, or e-commerce.

2] Analyze The Developer's Skills

There are three main types of developers: front-end, back-end, and full-stack. Backend web developers are experienced in managing the structure of the website. In contrast, front-end developers are focused on giving a fully functional look to websites through HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and many more coding languages. At the same time, full-stack freelance web developers do both the work. Therefore, based on your requirements, you should hire a professional web creator who has expertise in providing you with a highly interactive website.

3] Checkout The Developer Experience

Besides analyzing the skills, it is always recommended to check out their web development experience. You can ask the developer’s portfolio to learn about their previous projects and analyze their success rate. You can go through their review section on the website to read clients' feedback and determine their expertise.

4] Know About The Services They Offer

Different web development professionals offer different services. Some offer only static website development, whereas others are experts in providing dynamic websites. The website design may also vary as per the technology and programming language they use to develop the website. Choose a website development that has a customized option that can design your website as per your business needs.

Must Haves of Freelance Website Developer

A website developer must have both technical knowledge and design sensibility to construct a functional website. They must always be curious to learn something new, which helps to discover creative ideas in web design. In addition, your ideal freelance web designer must have the following skill sets that will help you achieve the desired result.

- Should have knowledge of the back end and front end.

- Aware of search engine optimization.

- Have expertise in specific programming languages.

- Up to date on the latest trends in website development.

- Expertise in creating responsive web design.

- Deep knowledge of database optimization.

- Expertise in accessing time-saving web development tools.

- Professionalism in communication and presentation.

- Must meet project deadlines.

Freelance Website Developer & Web Designer

1. WordPress Developer

WordPress offers an easy way to create different types of websites, just by simply dragging and dropping elements. However, the sites developed in WordPress are often bulky and look very similar to the websites that are present on the internet. A professional WordPress freelance web developer can create lightweight websites with better navigation by using various plugins and customizing them to make your website unique.

2. JavaScript Developer

Javascript is mainly used to develop interactive web pages, and almost 97% of the websites are built on this object-oriented programming language. It allows developers to dynamically update content, add animation, click buttons, pop-up menus, control multimedia, and many more. So if you want a highly functional dynamic website then an expert javascript programmer can help you out.

3. Python Developer

Python is widely used for web development due to its asynchronous coding to other languages like Java, C++, or C, developing website frameworks and data analytics. The websites developed on Python are often slower in loading because they require lots of compiled counterparts to run. However, a developer expert in Python can reduce these issues by using a framework that is available on the platforms.

4. PHP Developer

PHP is specially used to design eCommerce websites, B2B websites, and transaction-oriented websites that require high-security features. Further, PHP is compatible with all types of applications and smoothly runs on different platforms like Windows, Unix, Linux, iOS, and many more. Hiring a freelance PHP developer can help you design a unique and lightweight website if your prime concern is the best user experience with data security.

5. CSS Developer

CSS allows you to give a dynamic look to your website with fewer lines of code. However, a fresher web developer can’t offer you high security, layout controls, browser compatibility, and other features. So, by choosing a developer expert in CSS and other coding languages, you can get interactive websites with separate structures of content and web pages. They help to provide faster landing time, responsive design, easy accessibility, and many more to your website.

6. Ecommerce Developer

E-commerce has really changed the way of shopping online by eliminating the hassle of traditional shops. It requires a highly dynamic website that offers easy access to the product, a seamless order-placing process, and multiple payment methods. Professional ecommerce website developers can help you create a highly functional e-commerce website with interactive design and cart options, synchronizing multiple payment options, and placing the order button in the right place.

7. Shopify Developer

People usually make mistakes when choosing the right theme and creating responsive web designs according to devices like mobile interfaces. An experienced developer customizes the online Shopify store according to your business needs and eliminates poor mobile performance. Additionally, freelance website developers can help you configure everything on Shopify to ensure your online business functions efficiently and smoothly.

8. .Net Web Developer

The newbie developers usually make mistakes and start programming without any planning. Additionally, they overestimate the workload, do not follow the coding standard, and lack the ability to test the code in .Net web Development. Experienced freelance website developer works with proper planning. Also, they understand your business needs and follow best practices to create an impressive website.

9. HTML Developer

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is mainly used to create the core structure of the website. These are used to develop static websites and provide limited security, as you can’t use lengthy codes for complex page designs. Professional web developers know how to work on HTML with other languages like Java, Python, C++, and C to design an attractive layout and save time in web development.

Wrapping Up - Freelance Web Designer

Website development creation can be a complex task, and you need to consult a professional to get a fully functional and interactive website. They have years of experience in website development and expertise in various programming languages. The freelance web designer also keeps themself up to date with the latest trends and has a knowledge of database optimization too. So, if you are planning to have an interactive website for your company, then hiring a professional freelance web developer would be profitable.