How to Grow Your Organic Traffic With Search Engine Optimization

Organic traffic is the people or visitors that come to your website through unpaid sources and searches like Google and Bing. Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating and developing your website so that the chances of it being visible on the search engines like Google increases. When your site is visible on the search engines, people can get you more easily compared to when your site is not higher on the search engines. The higher your site appears on the search engines, the more traffic you get on your website hence, the more your business grows.

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Why is Organic Traffic Important?

Everybody would want to have as many people as possible visiting their websites every single day. That is why organic search is key and plays an important role in the success and growth of every business. So why is organic traffic important?

With organic traffic, you will get real human visiting your website, unlike paid websites that sometimes has automated visitors online.

The results from organic traffic will last longer than paid results that will last as long as it is paid. A good example is a pay-per-click campaign.

People visiting your site from organic search have an intention why they are searching you up, so there are high chances that you will get visitors that that will convert into being customers.

It is cost-effective. With organic traffic, you will not have to pay for any click. Pay campaigns like pay per click require a lot of money to keep your content visible to your potential customers and you are not even sure that whoever clicks will turn out to be your customer. Unlike PPC, organic traffic always keeps your contents and blogs for a long time but PPC has your content visible as long as it is paid for.

Now that we have looked at what is organic traffic and search engine optimization and their importance, let’s now look at some of the tips on how to grow your organic traffic on search engine optimization;

1. Check Keyword Cannibalization

This happens when two or more pages on your website are competing for the same keyword. In this case, Google will not know which page should be ranked high so it ends up choosing neither of them.

Keyword cannibalization will make it look like you are trying to compete with yourself so you should fix the keywords that you use on your website for better search engine visibility. There is however a way of fixing it if you have overused your keywords in your website. SEMrush can help you figure out which keywords are giving your site the best results. Go over to the list and merge any duplicate keywords. You can also delete the multiples if you don't want to merge them.

2. Select Keywords that are Less Competitive and Have a Lot of Potential

Choosing the common keywords might lower your chances of ranking high on search engines since many bigger companies are using them. So it is advisable to use keywords that are not common since your visitors will be able to find you faster and you will be able to get a lot of organic traffic into your site.

3. Improve Your Site Speed

Your site speed depends on the type of host that you use. A poor quality host will slower your website and hence makes it hard for your website to appear at the top on search engines as you have noticed, most of the search engines always give search results in seconds.

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4. Blog Regularly

Blogging regularly on your site by incorporating your keywords will help increase your visibility on search engines hence more organic traffic on your site. However, your content should be relevant and informative. This will also help to build trust in whoever visits your website. 

You should consider hiring a digital marketing company that does content creation to help you with writing content that is informative and that will even help increase your visibility on the search engines.

5. Use Internal Links 

While writing your blogs, adding a link to other content in your website will keep visitors on your website for a long time hence increasing your visibility on search engines.

6. Use Social Media

Social media is a great platform to drive traffic to your website. Many people worldwide are using the various social media platforms and sharing your website link on them will be a great way of driving the traffic to your website.

7. Encourage Incoming Links

Letting other people refer to your website on their sites is also one way of increasing organic traffic to your website. The more incoming links you have, the higher your site will rank because it becomes more authoritative in search engines' eyes.

8. Use Data and Metrics to Optimize Results

To track visitors who come to your site and blog, use programs like Google Analytics. You can fine-tune your content by knowing where your visitors came from and what keywords they used.

Finally, getting a good company like SEO Agency in Gurgaon to help you in trying to make your business rank high and in getting organic traffic to your site is advisable. These companies provide digital marketing solutions that will help in the growth of your business and this includes search engine optimization services.