What is Google Ads and How Can It Help My Business?

Google Ads is a Google advertising service that allows advertisers to display clickable ads in Google search results. 

Advertisers use specific keywords for which they want to appear in paid search results using a pay-per-click (PPC) payment system. Because advertisers are charged per click, they are only charged if someone clicks on their ad.

When a potential customer wants to buy a product or service, they are always likely to start with Google. That's how Google Ads work, someone enters a search term, and Google serves them an ad for a product or service that matches their search.

How can it help my business?

There are many benefits of google ads that help to increase sales, raise brand awareness, test new business models online, or collect data. Google ads help to grow your business online. The following are the impacts that google ads can have on your business;

1. Google Ads can be scheduled to reach the right people at the right time.

You can easily target countries, areas within a country, and radius targeting with google ads. You can also exclude locations from your proximity targeting. 

You can also target people based on their location, such as their income level. So, if you're selling high-end items, you can target the top income earners in your target market.

2. Conversions and optimizations can be tracked

Google Ads features allow you to track conversions that are important to your business. Conversion tracking simplifies understanding campaign performance by using concrete terms and results. 

If you manage multiple Google Ads accounts, the My Client Center (MCC) manager account is a useful tool that can save you time. It allows you to view and manage all of your Google Ads accounts from a single interface. Through this, you can over time drop campaigns that do not seem to work and put more effort into successful campaigns.

3. Google Ads is more efficient than SEO

SEO and Google Ads are both search engine marketing strategies for increasing traffic and lead but a well-optimized Ad campaign can work much faster for a business to achieve the much-coveted first spot in search hence increasing your visibility, leads, and conversions.

With Google ads, can be you can concentrate on multiple keywords at the same time, you can turn the campaign on and off at any time, and ads that appear at the top of the page receive immediate visibility, unlike SEO.

4. Google Ads increases brand awareness

If you are looking to increase your brand awareness, google ads might be the option you’ve been looking for. Using Display Ads provides data on which websites your customers and users from the ads visit daily, which can lead to exciting partnerships for guest blogging or direct advertising on these third-party websites.

5. Google Ads makes local advertising possible

Google ads also allow you to do local advertisements these are all businesses that rely on local traffic to make sales benefit from Google’s local advertising.

You can use Google Ads to advertise locally to increase foot traffic to your business at the most profitable times or to raise local brand awareness.

Advertising at the right time when customers are looking for something you're selling will significantly increase your local sales. Local search has high purchase intent, particularly for service-related keywords, because customers want to fulfill a need nearby with minimal effort.

You can attract customers who are already looking for directions to nearby products and services by including Google Maps ads in your campaigns. Ensure that your services are at the top of the list every time a potential customer searches for them on Maps.

6. Improve your approach to your market competition

One big advantage of digital marketing is the fact that all businesses of any size have got equal chances and opportunities online, it only depends on your efforts and expertise. You always have to keep up with the competition to make sure that you rank high on the search engines.

When someone searches for something related to your product or services online and you aren't running ads but your competitors are, chances are that you will not be able to reach your competitors and your potential customers won’t reach you.

Google ads will help your customers reach you and using the right keywords will also help you list ahead of your competitors. you might have to consider hiring a professional who will provide you with google ads services.


A strong Google presence is now essential for businesses of all types, sizes, and from any location in the world since, it helps to grow and bring more profits to the business. Online advertising has reduced the cost of advertising and democratized the way that any willing business can take action on their own to achieve online growth on their terms.

Google Ads is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise online to gain new customers, increase revenues, or build a brand. You might consider hiring us, Business Raisers Google Ad Service in Gurgaon, we offer google ads services that will help your digital marketing success.